'Girls prefer clothes, boys prefer sports?'

If we were to consider the young people of, say, fifty years ago, the statement would be undeniably true. In those days, sport was a predominantly male persuit. The girl were considered the fairer sex and they were more concerned with how they look, thus the preference for beautiful clothes.

Is this statement really true? There are as many games for girls as there are for boys. Girls participate in almost all games boys play. Like, you know? Football, hockey, netball, table tennis and so much more. You wouldn't have to mention it all out. It's understood. Everybody knows girls can do many things way more better than guys sometimes.

Yes! It's true that majority of the girls love clothes but that doesn't mean they won't go for sports. What about yoga? What about netball? Huh? netball can only played by women. For example, Sharapova, she can play well in tennis. Besides that, she is having very good fashion styles. She's a model as well!

So why can't we, girls also can prefer sports? We have Girl Power! We can do so much better in both. Neither in sports nor in fashion world. I've changed so much more since i've joined in the hockey team. I've found greater potential in me. Girls don't only go for shopping and being weak. Sometimes girls are more aggresive than boys.
Hehe...thank u.