Chee Cheong Fun Cuisine

I just wonder sometimes...
Where does Chee Cheong Fun comes from?
So I've decided to search for the infomations...
Finally, I've found this...
It says...

Chee cheong fun are square rice sheets which are used in Singaporean cuisine and Malaysian cuisine
The sheets are made from a viscous mixture of rice flour and water. This liquid is poured onto a specially-made flat pan in which it is steamed to produce the square rice sheets. Chee cheong fun can be served with different flavour of sauce. In Malaysia, most of the people prefer serving Chee cheong fun with one kind of black sweet sauce called "timzheong". Some other prefer specially-made chilli sauce or mix two kind of sauce together.
There is another kind of food which is similar with Chee cheong fun called "laicheong" in Cantonese. This food is popular in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. The difference between Chee cheong fun and "laicheong" is "laicheong" does serve with stuffing (such as shrimp, pork or dough sticks) but Chee cheong fun does not. Besides, people use different sauce to serve these two kinds of food.
Chee cheong fun is a popular breakfast food in Singapore and Malaysia. Chee cheong fun is frequently served in kopitiams and Chinese restaurants.

Actually, we have varieties of Chee Cheong Fun in Malaysia nowadays...
Here are some Chee Cheong Fun pictures...

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Penang Chee Cheong Fun

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I don't usually eat this chee cheong fun

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Those who love the taste of spice should try this curry chee cheong fun

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This is my favourite!!Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun!!
More prawns and Cha Siew please!!