Sushi Gala

Have you ever heard or read something in a sushi bar and did not understand what it was? This is a list of common Vocabulary at a sushi bar.

Types of Sushi
Chirashi – sampler of fish served over a bowl of sushi rice

Donburri – Donburri is like Chirashi but just one kind of fish that you would choose.

For example Unagi-Donburri would be Just Unagi (freshwater eel) served over a bowl of sushi rice.

Futomaki – Thick rolled sushi with many ingredients inside and each piece is very large.

Gunkan Nigiri – A type of Nigiri that holds the ingredients like a boat, usually seen when ordering Tobiko, Ikura or Uni.

Hosomaki – Thin Rolled sushi with the Nori (seaweed) on the outside.

Maki –Sushi Rolls (There are many types of Maki, Futomaki, Hosomaki, Temaki, Uramaki, etc.)

Nigiri Sushi – Pieces of fish on top of two balls of sushi rice, sometimes a slice of roasted Nori (seaweed) is put on to bind the fish to the rice and to add flavor and eye appeal.

Sashimi – Only Sliced fish. Raw, cooked or pickled fish cut into 3-5 pieces. Usually presented on top of a few leaves of shiso and grated daikon with wasabi and ginger on the side.

Temaki – Cone shaped hand rolls that are meant to be eaten from the hand like an ice cream cone.Uramaki – Rice on the outside roll. Sometimes called inside-out roll. This style of sushi has become very popular and is most seen in sushi bars in America. Some people say that it is popular in America because the Seaweed is hidden on the inside of the roll and sushi beginners are less intimidated to eat it.

This is what we usually see and eat in the japanese restaurant.

Have you all wonder why are we love sushi so much?

The reason for this is that sushi(Japanese food) actually looks really attractive.Besides that, sushi is a really healthy food though it doesn't really taste as good as chinese food(this is what I think only).

That's what I call a sushi dish!

See?I told you, you'll love the look of sushi....

Fishy sushi!!!lol

I know sometimes sushi meal is rather expensive, instead of eating them you could even look at them...because they can be 'un'real sometimes....

When you feel boring, probably this sushi game will help you to feel better.


Jacky Chin said...

Sai Low Gor, Sushi hoe "正" gar...(^_^)